How can the people that live across from the seawall put up stairs going over the wall to the beach and mark them as private, NO TRESPASSING? Since the seawall is federally funded the wall belongs to all the citizens of NJ. Does that mean anyone can put up a staircase? And then there is a large strip of land between the wall and Ocean Ave. and these people put up ropes and guardrails and signs saying no parking. This is a case where taxpayers pay for the repairing of the sea wall, and the people that live across from it are the only ones that get to enjoy it by claiming the land at the foot of the wall as their private property and they own the staircase. I say we all go to home depot, buy the material and everyone can build a staircase to the beach. I know that would be insane, but lets be fair to the public that pays for the wall. Just saying, there should be parking all along Ocean Ave, and all stairways open to the public.


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