Shrewsbury First Aid Squad Responds to 491 Calls During 2013

The Shrewsbury First Aid Squad has completed a very active 2013. During 2013, squad members responded to 491 calls. 122 of these calls were handled during 2013's fourth quarter. Of the 491 calls, 229 of these calls were to businesses, the remainder were to residents or motor vehicle accidents.
Five new EMTs joined the Shrewsbury First Aid squad during 2013. These new members completed180 hours of training, preparing them to provide comprehensive emergency medical care to victims of injury or illness.
Monthly CPR classes were administered by squad members to a total of 60 residents. In addition, the squad continued its long standing tradition of training Shrewsbury Borough School eight graders in CPR. In 2013, 58 eight graders were trained in CPR.
Finally, during one of the squad's proudest moments, the squad's meeting room was dedicated in honor of our long standing member Jack Connors, who served the squad for 45 years.


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