West Side Lofts Rising?

Project was initially approved in 2006, but stalled by the bad economy. It was slated for completion in the spring of 2014.

"Coming spring 2014" says the banner on the top of the website for the West Side Lofts.

Though, a visit to the Red Bank site at West Front Street and Bridge Avenue shows little visible progress from a couple of months ago. The same parking garage is still there — only building erected.

The piping that was above ground has apparently been installed. The sidewalks are cleaned up and fencing surrounds the front. But something is missing — the large banners that used to advertise the project boldly out front and on the side. There's one small one left on a side toward the rear of what's standing.

The website says that 11,000 square feet of the slated 25,000 has been leased. It may just be that, like many large projects, this one has just been delayed a bit.

Officials have said that the lofts' completion has been pushed to the end, rather than spring, of 2014.

Construction is still underway on the Metrovation and Woodmont Properties project that was initially conceived and approved in 2006 and recently revived.


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