Celebrating Jazz, Count Basie, and Culture 365 [Video]

The Count Basie 365 Cultural Series seeks to bring music and culture back to the community.

When members of Red Bank's Vision Committee considered how they could honor the legacy of jazz great and former borough resident Count Basie they eventually came to the conclusion that no one-day celebration would be enough.

Thus, the Count Basie 365 Cultural Series was created.

In an effort to remember Count Basie and to promote jazz and culture for an entire year, members of the Vision Committee developed Count Basie 365 with the expressed interest of engaging the community by hosting concerts in community parks and featuring music by local artists.

On Friday, Count Basie 365, held at the pocket park at the corner of Drs. James Parker Boulevard and Shrewsbury Avenue, featured the jazz stylings of Red Bank Regional High School students. It was the last concert of the series, but the beginning, organizers hope, of something much larger. 

As the music played, a couple of members of the Vision Committee took a moment to discuss the music, the community, and Count Basie 365.

Boris Kofman August 27, 2012 at 01:59 PM
Kudos to the Vision Committee!


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