Rangers Pitcher Bounced from Basie

Basie CEO says the theatre's wish in any conflict is for resolution and return of the patron to his or her seat.

Count Basie Theater
Count Basie Theater
Texas Rangers Pitcher Derek Holland cried foul on Twitter about being called out of a Counting Crows concert at Red Bank's Count Basie Theatre Monday night.

But, Basie CEO Adam Philipson said on Tuesday that the complaining was much ado about the theater's "standard protocol" in addressing "disruptive behavior at any concert."

There were reports that Holland tweeted that he had gotten kicked out of the concert for "standing up and enjoying the concert" and "taking too many pictures," according to app.com.

Not so, said Philipson. "There was no issue with him standing," he said. "It was a concert. Everyone stands. We just followed procedure as we always do when patrons complain. The person being complained about is taken out to the lobby to resolve the issue."

If it cannot be worked out to the liking of all involved, then that's the final strike against the concertgoer complained about, and they're asked to leave, Philipson reiterated in person from a statement he sent out on the matter.

"Our intention in all of these situations is to be able to have the patron return to their seat and enjoy the show as quickly as possible," the statement said in part. "We are very sorry that Mr. Holland was not able to enjoy the entire Counting Crows concert …"


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