Signature Series: Sweetest Sin Boutique

Angie Courtney, owner of the White Street lingerie boutique, talks about what makes her shop stand out.

Women have enough on their minds already, owner Angie Courtney said, which makes it all the more confusing when some seem willing to simply accept being uncomfortable as part of their everyday lives.

If you’re a woman shopping for a bra, the first thing Courtney wants you to know is that you’re not leaving her store with something that’s not for you. At her White Street boutique, it’s not only about what looks good on you, but more importantly, what feels good, too.

“Women complain about their ill-fitting bras,” she said. “All it is getting them into the right size and the right style. Wearing the right bra makes all the difference in the world.”

The first thing you notice when you walk into Sweetest Sin is the wide array of colors and styles of lingerie on display. The boutique has plenty to offer in the way of undergarments for everyday use and special occasions. But all of it, the more than 40 brands and hundreds of styles of sizes, all of it is just window dressing to what Courtney says really defines her store: unrivaled personal attention.

Right now, Courtney said, a majority of women are wearing bras that just aren’t for them. What most women fail to realize is that their size, shape and distribution change, on average, six times in their lives. If you haven’t made a fitting part of your regular bra-shopping experience, that discomfort you feel shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

“Every single day, what are people coming into the store for, what are women shopping for, bras. Women are so different; women have so many different needs,” she said. “If you’re going through a pregnancy, if you’re gaining weight, losing weight, getting older, your bra size changes.”

The more than two-year-old boutique – Sweetest Sin celebrated its second anniversary in October of last year – has made personal service its calling card. Its earned the shop partners in the form of several Red Bank-based dress and gown shops and has succeeded in the face of national retailers like Victoria Secrets.

Sweetest Sin also maintains a dossier on every customer in one of the few forms of data collection that serves a practical and altogether non-nefarious purpose these days. Even personal choices including likes and dislikes are logged for future use. Women who are fitted have their information put into the store’s computer, which allows Courtney and her staff to help make suggestions now and in the future based completely on the individual.

The personal service has provided some of the best advertising for the lingerie boutique, Courtney said.

“We talk about that kind of stuff all the time as girls. We talk about everything,” she said. “When you get a great pair of shoes, when you get a great bra, you tell your girlfriends about it.”

Courtney said the store’s personal service has manifested itself into a new business opportunity: bra-fitting parties. Women are booking the store for special events like bachelorette parties and mom’s night out and bring their friends a couple bottles of wine and get fitted.

“The work we do here we do to make sure they leave happy,” she said.

Sweetest Sin is open seven days a week, Sun. and Mon. 12 p.m. – 5 p.m. and Tues. through Sat. 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. Visit them at their website: www.sweetestsinbras.com and check out their for their address and contract information.

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