The Icing on the Carlo's Bakery Cake

This is the way they ice a cake, fill a cake ... at Carlo's Bakery Red Bank.

Icing the cake at Carlo's Bakery Red Bank (Photo: Elaine Van Develde)
Icing the cake at Carlo's Bakery Red Bank (Photo: Elaine Van Develde)
If you think you know how to put the icing on a cake, you probably haven't seen how they do it at Carlo's Bakery in Red Bank.

Buddly Valastro's new pastry shop of TLC Cake Boss fame, has been open for a couple of weeks now.

And, as you may have found out if you'd been at the last Planning Board meeting in the borough, some of the sweets, such as cake layers, cookies and pastries are prepped off-premise and shipped in regularly from the Jersey City plant, but all the icing and filling is done on site in the Red Bank shop.

In fact, if you were at the opening of the shop, or have wandered in at just about any given time of the day, you'd likely see Mauro, store manager Bianca or someone else at the front counter putting some of the sweet pieces of the cake puzzle together with an experienced, expedient and creative flair.

Take a look back at the masters at work. Now, that's the icing on the bakery cake in Red Bank!


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