The No Resolution Solution

Have you ever wondered why New Year’s resolutions are forgotten by 80% of the people who make them?

I have. I’m one of the 80%.

What I’ve concluded is that people feel pressured into making resolutions to make themselves feel better or to find more balance in their lives.  Yet, in reality, for example, a desired promotion could result in more hours to their 80+ work week. Or, if you make a resolution to eat better in the new year, you may be too busy to shop or to cook.

To put it bluntly, people don’t make resolutions that fit with their underlying values or desires at that time in their life!

Serendipitously, I found a solution for myself.

A few years ago, a friend invited me to make a “vision board” with her and a few of her friends. As I gathered images and words that attracted me (which made me feel balanced and happy) I arranged them on a board.

As a result, I was completely drawn into the process that the power of vision enables, which is to allow the person to access their unconscious to uncover their deepest desires and dreams.

Once I made the “vision board.” I placed it  where I could see it every day so I could “see” what I desired.

A few months into the year, I realized many of my own dreams.  Ironically, before the end of the year I accomplished all my goals!

Now, I am completely sold on the process of vision, so much so that I have now added a Vision Board Workshop – “Visioning Your Deepest Dreams” to my Creative Workshop offerings.

Allow yourself the opportunity to envision your dreams in 2014 and picture yourself in a place of happiness and peace.

Please join me on January 30th for “Visioning Your Deepest Dreams – A Vision Board Workshop Beyond visioning this workshop will teach you how to manifest your dreams.

Fun and Relaxing!.

Time: 6:30 -9:30
Location: 104-110 Maple Avenue, Red Bank  
Fee: $75 (+$10 materials charge and a light dinner will be served)
*To reserve your spot, please call (732) 732-530-2951



About Madeline Muise, LCSW, Director Mediation and Therapy Associates, LLC: 

Mediation and Therapy Associates specializes in helping you create a fulfilling life. We help you identify goals and develop skills to establish rewarding relationships with partners/spouses, your children, extended family and community.

Personally, I received my Bachelor’s degree from the College of St. Rose and a Master’s in Social Work from Rutgers’ the State University. In addition, I also have postgraduate training in the following areas:

  • Family Systems Therapy
  • Divorce Mediation, Winston Salem, North Carolina
  • Advanced Mediation Training, Montclair, New Jersey and Florida
  • Parent Coordination Training with Robin Deutch, PhD.
  • Collaborative Law Training

I am married, have adult children and grandchildren. My hobbies include travel, sailing and the arts. 

For more information, please go to my website at: http://www.mediationandtherapyassociates.com


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