Photo a Day: Vampire

See our daily themed photo and submit one of your own. Today's theme: Vampire.

Each day of the month we’re bringing you our submission of a themed Photo a Day challenge. Today, Oct. 19, the theme is Vampire.

It's nearing that spooky time again. With Halloween less than two weeks away, time to decide whether you're a ghoul, ghost, or goblin is running out. How about going with a vampire costume this year? No, we're not talking the sparkly, emo kind, but the Bela Lugosi, piercing eyes, big black cape, creep factor of 11, kind of Vampire?

While out and about in Red Bank Friday afternoon in search of a picture for today's theme, we wandered into Backwards Glances, where there are plenty of Halloween costumes on display. We asked politely and owner Cindy Ciullo obliged by donning a cape and giving us her best vampire impersonation.

Show us yours! 

Yesterday's theme was Confession. Thanks to Marjorie Smith and Jessica Lotito for giving us their interpretation of the theme. Tomorrow’s theme is Lazy Day Attire, something we here at Patch are well versed in. Check back in each day for our Photo of the Day and submit your own. Check out below for a description of the Photo a Day challenge and a list of October themes. 

Check out the submissions for yesterday's challenge here.

With the advent of media sharing applications like Instagram and the rapid rise in photo sharing across the internet through forums like Facebook, Reddit and even Patch, there have been movements to engender creativity in the digital photography community.

One such movement that has become popular is the now-ubiquitous Photo A Day challenge. While many sites across the internet offer their own interpretations and challenge lists, the goal is always the same, to capture a digital image each day that represents that day’s specific theme.

To participate, upload your photos directly to Red Bank-Shrewsbury Patch by clicking the "Upload Photos and Videos" button directly under the above picture, email us at edward.vanembden@patch.com, or Tweet us your pic at @redbankpatch. Though we plan on keeping to the schedule, feel free to upload your themed pics at your leisure.

Photo a Day Challenge October schedule:

Day Theme Oct. 1 Self Picture Oct. 2 Fall Leaves Oct. 3 Cuddle Buddy Oct. 4 School Oct. 5 Handwriting Oct. 6 Eye Oct. 7 No Makeup Oct. 8 In My Cup Oct. 9 Holding Hands Oct. 10 Necklace Oct. 11 Outfit of the Day Oct. 12 Sky Oct. 13 Favorite Place Oct. 14 Best Friend Oct. 15 Made You Smile Oct. 16 Black and White Oct. 17 Favorite Oct. 18 Confession Oct. 19 Vampire Oct. 20 Lazy Day Attire Oct. 21 Crush Oct. 22 Homework Oct. 23 Lucky Number Oct. 24 Magazine Oct. 25 In Your Town Oct. 26 On the Road Oct. 27 Jeans Oct. 28 Something Scary Oct. 29 Pumpkin Oct. 30 Halloween Throwback Oct. 31 Halloween




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