Cashing in on Their '15 Minutes' of Jersey Shore Fame

Top three earners from MTV show plus this week's catchphrase is lots of 'Denim Denim Denim'.

As the third season of "Jersey Shore" begins to draw to an end, the so called "15 minutes of fame" has made some of our favorite fist pumpers rich. As in: RICH! Haters, get ready to hate them even more than you already do. Check this out:

Snooki used to be a secretary working for the man every day for a whopping 13 bucks an hour. This year, she's projected to make upwards of $800,000 from the show. That's like 385 bucks per hour, and all she has to do is get drunk and hook up? I want a gig like that. 

She "wrote" that awful book, "A Shore Thing" which I read only about two chapters of and had to burn it. She also been getting from $2,000 to $20,000 for any appearance she does and has another spin-off show in the works.  Go Snooki, Go Snooki!  Not to mention, she has her commercial which still cracks me up (pun intended). She's been on the cover of Rolling Stone as well and I hear that she's coming out with her own line of Snooki Slippers. I'll be honest, I'll probably buy a pair. But our pint-sized, pickle-eating, drunken arrestee isn't the only one making bank, thanks to the popularity of this show.

Pauly D is also rumored to have his own spin-off reality show in the works, not to mention his killer dj salary. Where he once was pulling in a mere $16,000 per year spinnin' his beats, he'll now be making 80 grand per WEEK with all of his guest appearances DJ'ing at the hottest clubs all across the country. 

"Pauly's World" will be the name of his new spin-off reality show which will most likely feature him traveling around doing his DJ Pauly D thing, gettin' wit chicks, and rockin' his sweet blowout.  

Mike The Situation's situation before the show was working as an assistant gym manager in Staten Island making a decent living at $35,000 per year.  Despite him being nearly absent on this season's Jersey Shore, his situation has improved more than the others put together. He's expected to make roughly 5 million bucks this year. For his poor performance on "Dancing with the Stars," he got $135,000. Good lord! He's now a spokesman for a vodka company, which he's going to make about $400,000 from, and he's got clothing, jewelry and even a fragrance lines in the works. His self-help book, fitness DVDs and vitamins sales have also helped fatten his wallet. What he's NOT good at is comedy as we saw him completely BOMB on the Donald Trump Roast this week. I guess he shouldn't quit any of his day jobs! 

Is the cast of the Jersey Shore worth the money they are earning? Well, that's something that everyone will have their own opinion on.  Personally, I feel like these kids are making a ton of money for MTV, so they all deserve a piece of the pie. If it was me, I would honestly capitalize on anything and everything while my spotlight was shining.  They won't be popular forever, in fact there's been a significant decrease in the chatter and buzz on most of the social networks, and in the media. Instead of doing a story every day on the cast members of the show, we've seen it drop to an average of once a week.  That should make a LOT of people happy.

What made me happy watching last night's episode was Pauly D and Deena. She came out dressed in a jean outfit from head to toe, and Pauly was like, "yo, what's Deena's favorite part of Mario Brothers?  Denim, Denim, Denim" as he sang it to the beat of the games' classic theme. We were all laughing our jeans off with this one. Pauly D's spin-off show might actually be pretty good because this guy is actually hilarious.

Deena's delivers some great lines... when Vinny kicks the grenades out, one of the ladies says, "I just have one thing to say..." Deena cuts her off with, "I think it's best you don't say anything, bye!" and "You didn't come here for pastries and coffee, you came here to do sex with Pauly and Vinny." She's really had some shining moments this season and we're all looking forward to her return when they hit up Italy for season four. 

Vinny got his ears pierced and turns out that jewelry can really make the man into a jerk!

Mike falls asleep on his last day at the Shore Store job;  like he gives a flying you-know-what, after the aforementioned income breakdown we just gave you.

And for the requisite Ronnie-Sammi drama we are all extremely tired of: Ronnie's mom drunk-dials the house, talks to Mike and he spills all the beans about Sammi and Ronnie. Eye roll.

This season has two episodes left, and about 80 percent of it was all about Sammi and Ronnie. I hope they can get back to their roots a little bit more for the next season. In the meantime, haters, you'll have to keep hating!


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