Op-Ed: Health Care

Dear Editor:

With enrollment having recently begun for the new federal health care program, it appears as if the new law is as confusing as ever.

My clients – many of whom are families or small businesses in New Jersey – remain unclear how the health care exchanges will help them, or save them any money. Meanwhile, my clients are concerned the new law will somehow diminish the quality of care received, or place onerous burdens when they attempt to seek care.

The simple fact, we all know, is that you can’t expect to receive more when you are paying less.

With so many questions abounding, impartial information must be available to my clients, who are focused on simply doing what is right for family members and employees.

In this uncertain time, it will be the responsibility of health insurance brokers to cut through the clutter and provide relevant information families and small businesses need. Here, at the New Jersey Association of Health Underwriters, we stand ready with our clients, preparing for a very bumpy ride.

Carolyn Andress, a resident of Hazlet, NJ, is president of the Monmouth Ocean Chapter of the New Jersey Association of Health Underwriters. She can be reached at 732-556-0446.


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