Post a 'Letter to the Editor' on Red Bank-Shrewsbury Patch

Upload your opinions to Patch directly - it's quick and easy.

Patch is not your run-of-the-mill, average news website. We want to hear from our readers about anything and everything that is going on in town!

Want to publicly thank someone? Have an opinion you want to vocalize? Share your viewpoint by posting a “Letter to the Editor” in Red Bank-Shrewsbury Patch’s Local Voices section. 

Here's how:

When you are on the Red Bank-Shrewsbury Patch homepage, click on the "Want to blog on Patch?" button under the top four stories on the site. Then:

  1. Click on “Post on Patch”
  2. Write your letter (or copy and paste from a word document)
  3. Click “Submit”

Voila! It is that quick and easy to have your thoughts and feelings published.

Local Voices is not just a place to submit letters to the editor every so often - although you can certainly use it that way. If you have something more to say, consider posting to Local Voices as often as you like and perhaps create a blog that community members can follow.

Local Voices is also featured in our daily newsletter, which can be delivered to your inbox each morning for free. To subscribe to a Red Bank-Shrewsbury Patch newsletter, click here.

Every piece that is published in Patch’s Local Voices reflects the opinions of their authors, and not necessarily the opinion of Patch. To post in Local Voices you must be at least 14-years-old and agree to Patch’s Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Blogger Terms.

All posts within the Local Voices section may be edited.


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