Shrewsbury Woman Indicted on Charges of Stealing $75,000

Indictments handed down Monday include identity theft and theft of movable property.

A Monmouth County grand jury indicted a Shrewsbury woman Monday on charges she committed identify theft and stole $75,000 or more from several victims within a three-year period.

The grand jury found enough evidence to conclude that Terese Blake, of the first block of Heritage Drive, should be charged with theft of movable property on several dates between Jan. 1, 2007 and Dec. 31, 2010, according to court documents.

She was also indicted on a count of impersonation — theft of identity.

According to court documents, Blake, 58, stole actual currency from a number of victims, all identified by their first and last initials, and include A.R., C.G., E.N., E.O. H.B., J.S., K.C., M.F., N.C., R.M., R.L., V.R., G.M., M.V.

The identity theft indictment stems from a reported July 19, 2010, incident in which Blake impersonated another person in an attempt to obtain a financial benefit valued at approximately $500.


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