FEMA Map Adds to Sandy Recovery Costs

A bit of bureaucracy can add a big price tag to flood insurance.

Like many Jersey Shore residents, Claudette D'Arrigo was trying to rebuild her home after Hurricane Sandy. She had her house elevated to 15.9 feet to meet the advisory Base Flood Elevation prescribed by FEMA. But apparently, this wasn't enough. 

"We were initially told, our flood insurance would go down to about $650 dollars a year so we were expecting that," D'Arrigo told My9NJ. "When I sent over my flood certification back in February, when we moved in and everything was completed, I expected it to go down and get a rebate on my flood insurance. Instead, I got the bill that it would be at least $32,000 dollars."

D'Arrigo is one of many to feel at worst cheated and at least forgotten by the recovery efforts. The Governor's office estimates 346,000 housing units were damaged or destroyed in the storm. 

According to NJ Spotlight, FEMA rental assistance for over 700 New Jersey families ran out at the beginning of May. Anyway few landlords welcome renters through a state program, which is known for issuing late rent payments.

They also claim that necessary changes indicated by the long power outages following Sandy will end up emptying the taxpayers' wallets. 

The Bloomberg News goes so far as to suggest that Governor Christie is pointing to revived resorts and parks to draw attention away from displaced residents. 

As for D'Arrigo, she'll have to add the $34,000 insurance bill to the $300,000 she has already spent on rebuilding her home. 


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