Christie Administration Declines to Defend Gun Control Laws

Governor faces criticism for not defending two of New Jersey's gun laws in court.

Gov. Chris Christie is coming under criticism for not defending two of the state’s strictest gun laws during a recent high profile case involving two retired arson investigators, nj.com reports.

A state appeals court upheld the laws, stating New Jersey has a “well-established record” when it comes to overseeing firearms and is permitted to place strict requirements on those who wish the carry concealed handguns, according to the report.

A pair of former arson investigators filed a lawsuit after being denied permits to carry concealed handguns, despite over 10 years of service to the Newark Fire Department, according to the report. They claimed the laws are so strict they are unconstitutional.

One judge stated in the court’s opinion that the Christie Administration "regrettably" decided not to come to the defense of the state’s laws, and legal experts told nj.com they could not remember the last time the New Jersey governor didn’t defend a gun control law.

Judge Jane Grall wrote it is the job of the State Attorney General to defend a challenge to a statute.

Christie has received criticism from Democrats, including Sen. Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg, and praise from Republicans, including conservative Steve Lonegan, according to the report.
Sal January 01, 2014 at 12:36 AM
What I would like to see is some reported ask Gov. Christie is on a live broadcast is: Why is his Administration charging a $35 application fee to the unemployed when they send in an application to apply for and fill any NJ State job opening??? 5,000 people could be applying for a single job opening and Christie is fleecing everyone who applies out of $35 when their chances are 5,000 to 1 that they will get the job. Making money off the backs of the unemployed like this is extremely low and shows us all how small of a man he really is.


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