Holiday Parking Returns to Red Bank

The annual tradition of gratis parking comes back to the borough.

In just a couple of weeks, Red Bank visitors will get a brief reprieve from those pesky parking tickets that seem to pop up on windshields out of nowhere.

Free Holiday parking is coming back to town lots.

Beginning Dec. 10 and running through Christmas, visitors to Red Bank will be able to park in lots throughout the downtown for free. 

The annual parking charity measure is designed to attract more visitors to do their holiday shopping downtown and is promoted by Red Bank RiverCenter. However, borough Councilwoman Kathy Horgan had one recommendation for RiverCenter Executive Director Nancy Adams.

"Nancy, please tell the retailers to stay open," she pleaded, recounting a story of trying to shop downtown a week before Christmas last year only to find several shops closed rather early in the evening. "They need to stay open so we can spend our money." 

Adams said that problem is quickly taking care of itself.

"The good news is there are a lot of new retailers in town that are staying open later already on non-holidays," she said. 

John Hamilton November 21, 2012 at 04:36 AM
I'd like to see the results of the 'study' that indicates how these metered parking spots are actually good for our town. I bet they cost more to maintain than what they bring in. They also prevent people from coming and staying. Get with the program and get rid of the meters. THIS ISNT BROOKLYN!!!
Sal November 21, 2012 at 07:39 AM
Small business owners in Red Bank are placed at a Great Disadvantage when compared to business located in shopping malls and along highways that offer free parking Year Round. The last time I received a parking ticked for an expired meter in Red Bank was around 1982 and I have not shopped in Red Bank since then. Shoppers and motorists are not hens to be plucked by Mayors that want to fill their town coffers___once we get plucked we learn, we remember and we do not return to get plucked again. If the Mayor and Town Council in Red Bank were smarter, and if they were capable of placing their greed for revenue aside___just maybe the businesses in Red bank would have some chance of surviving in this difficult economy and avoid becoming a ghost town like the business district in Asbury Park.


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