Point Borough Looks Into Townwide Electric Provider

State rule allows borough to seek cost-saving reduction for town as a whole

Most Point Borough residents are familiar with the fliers and phone solicitations from energy companies promising cost savings over their current energy bills.

Under a proposal being considered by the Borough Council, every resident of the borough could be afforded those savings -- without having to weed through the multitude of offers to find the best deal.

Under legislation related to the state's deregulation of energy suppliers, municipalities can aggregate their residents' energy needs and seek an energy supplier for the entire town through competitive bidding, Point Borough Council President Antoinette DePaola said.

"The town could get the best rate for all its residents," she said.

The legislation mandates that every residential customer in the town would be automatically opted in to the program, DePaola said, while businesses and entities such as the school district would have to formally opt-in to be part of the agreement.

Residents who've already chosen a supplier or who want to stay with JCP&L would have to formally opt out to be excluded, DePaola said.

According to the organization Cooling America thru Local Leadership (CALL), the potential savings is great, because it allows third-party suppliers to sign up large numbers of customers at one time -- eliminating the need to market the program to them.

The first step, DePaola said, is requesting from JCP&L the information on how much energy the borough's residents are using and rate information, and that the borough is looking to aggregate its residential accounts.

A motion to allow the borough to notify JCP&L of that was approved after the second executive session on Tuesday night.

Wayde & Toni Weisleder March 19, 2012 at 11:21 AM
Chris...you questioned if it was appropriate to solicite a business here, I'm trying to just inform and letting people know I have gone to the town about Ambit. I would like to continue to have my own choice in this matter as in most things in my life, and not be told what company to use, thats why the laws have changed. I'm not sure Ambit can even go in as a townwide provided or just individual, I'm waitig for answers from corporate for that, and if it can go in as a whole, I'm not sure I can even benefit from it. I was trying not to post too much about it but clearly it is intriguing to you. Toni
Chris Constantino March 20, 2012 at 02:05 AM
This whole, fast tracked method of pushing this ordinance is intriguing me, not necessarily you soliciting or informing..... How it is all of a sudden important to the governing body to save people money in there personal lives, instead of trying to save money "in house" first. I am just a squirrel trying to get a nut too and having to compete with the town which essentially is utilizing my tax dollars to beat me down is unfair. And the fact of the matter is, while we still have a choice to pick who we want, it now becomes more of a chore and may be a financial burden to some who have already switched, are happy with why they switched and will have to go through the rigmarole of a forced opt in to the Boro plan, and switching back over and potentially fees for forced cancellation.
Chris Constantino March 20, 2012 at 02:06 AM
Safe to assume I will be seeing you tomorrow night.. ;)
Art Penrose May 19, 2012 at 02:09 AM
None of this passes the "smell" test. Something stinks about this above and beyond the "big brother" aspect. I personally chose my own electric supplier a long time ago, and a different natural gas supplier also and will opt out. Having said that, I think its time to send all the current council packing. They are getting far too much into our lives at this point.
Sean Conneamhe July 23, 2012 at 05:59 PM
"Sounds like a program worth investigating."


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