Sandy Victims Need More Time in Fort Monmouth Housing, Christie Says

The governor asked President Obama for a six-month extension on temporary housing assistance.

Gov. Chris Christie sent a letter to President Barack Obama on Tuesday asking for a six-month extension on temporary housing assistance for Superstorm Sandy victims.

The letter includes a request that the federal government allow 49 families currently residing on Fort Monmouth to remain on the property or be provided with temporary housing trailers until Sept. 30. The displaced homeowners would otherwise have to leave Fort Monmouth by April 1, as would the 32 families residing in trailers throughout the region.

"While most Sandy-impacted residents have returned to stable homes in their communities, some of the most vulnerable families still have not been able to secure permanent housing despite best efforts to assist them," Christie said in a press release. "A six-month extension of temporary housing assistance would tremendously help these residents and provide them with more time to find longer term housing solutions."

At the peak of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Temporary Housing Assistance program, 122 homeowners resided on Fort Monmouth and 85 in the trailers.
Sal January 30, 2014 at 03:51 PM
Sure the storm victims need an extension __ that is what happens when Gov. Christie delays distributing the relief money he received many months ago from the federal government. Come on Gov. Christie help them and stop the stalling.
Ray January 31, 2014 at 09:38 AM
What ever happened to the idea of turning Fort Monmouth into another badly needed state university. With the existing buildings for classes as well as the existing housing for students it is ready made. Just to be clear, the army recently renovated all of the housing and then closed off with a chain link fence. They are on perfect condition. The hundreds of offices are also perfect and are all classroom size. There is a golf course, an athletic center, a bowling alley, huge lecture halls, the list goes on and on. Fort Monmouth was once the Chaplain School and West Point Prep School, so it is not surprising. Do we really need to make another gift to corporations that will only demolish it and bring more congestion to the area. Politicians will site increased tax base, but have you ever seen your taxes go down yet? Corporations have already begun to build along Hope Rd., but it is not too late to reverse. When is the last time you heard a politician talk about a vision for New Jersey that was so tangible and easily reached? Never right?


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