Rockit on the Road to Woodstock

Local rock school prepares for one day of peace, love and music, a Woodstock Tribute at the Count Basie Theatre on Thursday, September 1st.

When we last saw and heard the kids from Rockit, they were marching through the classic 1971 Who album, Who's Next. Now, Rockit creator and instructor Bruce Gallipani's rock apostles are tripping back in time a bit more and paying homage to the music of Woodstock, the historic 1969 music festival. Rockit, A Woodstock Tribute will be held on Thursday, September 1st at 7 p.m.

The mission of Rockit is to give kids an opportunity to play rock 'n' roll with their peers, bringing them together to perform live as a band. The program is designed around the process of taking the individual musician or singer, matching them up with mates to make a band to take their magic to the stage. The endpoint of the six, 90 minute rehearsals (note they do not refer to them as classes) is rocking on the Count Basie stage.

On Thursday, August 25th Gallipani, of Middletown, and his collection of shaggy haired charges loaded in some equipment and set decorations to the school's headquarters on Monmouth Street as they prepare to stage Woodstock. True to the period they're prerforming...Teen girl rockers Allison LaRochelle and Shannon Corsi danced hand-in-hand on the sidewalk signing I Wanna Hold Your Hand, while the boys in the band muscled Marshall half-stacks up the curb and inside. And inside, Come Together was still coming together, being rehearsed by another Rockit foursome. 

And despite the fact that heavy rain did not stop the show on Yasgur's farm some 42 years ago, Hurricane Irene did in fact force the Basie and Gallipani to shift the show to next week. For the record, Gallipani was overheard instructing the kids on the need for a rain chant.

If you'd like to make your way to Woodstock go to the Basie box office or order online by clicking this link


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